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Introduction of the Company

Thank you for visiting Genozyme.
Genozyme is the compound word for gene and enzyme.
The gene is activated from the microorganism through fermentation to create enzyme.

Thanks to the enzyme the macromolecular nutrients become nano size and are easily absorbed to skin cells.
The nano-particles and enzymes included in the microorganism fermented solution are extracted in aseptic condition and used as cosmetic ingredient

Genozyme has succeeded to develop fermented ingredient that decomposes the freckles, increases the synthesis of collagen in human cells, moisturizes, and controls acne germ growth through fermentation technology of 10 years of research.
The whitening and moisturizing acne ingredient was registered as new ingredient at International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary under FDA.

Dear customers
when the face is brighter, you have more energy and confidence.

My goal is to enhance the life quality and give happiness by making everyone in the world beautiful with cosmetic that makes the skin better.
Genozyme promises the beauty and happiness of the customers.
Thank you.

Representative of Genozyme, Sang Wan Gal
GENOZYME.Co.,Ltd. | CEO : Sang Wan Gal Ph.D. | ADDRESS : 205ho, developing venture support facilities, Jinju Bioindustry Promotion Foundation 991, Worasan-ro, Munsan-eup, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Rep. of KOREA | E-mail : | TEL : 070-8813-2751 | FAX : (055)752-2751 | Business registration number : 334-87-00210 | registration number of communications sales business : 2015-Gyeongnam Jinju-0269 ho